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达尔县的沙滩, 迷人的地点和轻浮的历史吸引着那些寻找沿海住所的人.

The roar of a revved-up engine sweeps over the beach houses and hotels like a rogue wave. 它淹没了声音,让人回头,阻止了交通. 在这场炫耀之后, 在12号高速公路上,热杆继续向北滚动, past roadside onlookers eating ice cream from camping chairs and groups drinking cocktails on front decks.

这周五晚上在杀魔山, 的的, 装饰华丽的汽车随着海浪的频率出现在道路上:Camaros, 贝尔播出, 野马和台马里布. In the parking lot of the Ramada Plaza sits more vintage beauties: convertibles, pickups and coupes. 这是OBX棒 & 自定义节日, an annual two-day affair that puts fancy rides on parade and fuels local charities such as the Children & 戴尔县的青年伙伴关系.

从三楼的甲板上观看钢铁和铬的海浪, 特里·麦克曼和特雷西·麦克曼就在其中,杀魔山的000名全年居民. 他们从弗吉尼亚州里士满搬到这里.多年来,我一直在外滩群岛旅行. Hanging from their deck railing is a black flag designed with a pirate ship and bearing the words “Kill Devil Rum.”

这是曼特奥附近的外班克斯蒸馏厂(外的银行 Distilling)的旗舰酒. “The pirates would get sick, and they’d drink the rum to kill the devil inside,” Tracy says. 该镇关于这个名字起源的官方说法是虚构的. 回到殖民时代, ships carrying the liquor sometimes ran aground on the shoals off the 外的银行. 当地人从废墟中寻找朗姆酒, stashed it away in the tall dunes and deemed it strong enough to kill the devil.

在现代,厌倦了流行病的人们纷纷涌向这个沿海城市. 他们发现,远程工作就像在海滩上度过一天. 杀死恶魔山 claims about 5 miles of beachfront, tucked between Kitty Hawk and Nags Head. cbin99仲博平台 sales across the 外的银行 are as fired up as a hot rod on a warm Friday night.


A monument to the Wright Brothers’ first successful flight is 杀死恶魔山’ best-known landmark.


第一任市长, 本Sproul, 54, 从80年代起就住在这里开了快20年的冲浪店. 现在是Surf或Sound Realty的营销和传播经理, he credits the pandemic for triggering at least some of the unprecedented boom in sales and property values. 他说:“我这辈子还没有经历过这么多的颠覆和改变。. “这是戏剧性的.”

The 外的银行 Association of Realtors reports that residential sales in March increased 87% compared with the same month in 2020, 合同中的房产数量增加了一倍.

这种狂热反映了全国火热的房地产市场, 但外班克斯有自己的一套“许多活动部件”,就像斯普劳尔说的那样. 由于冠状病毒关闭了办公场所和教室, people figured they could work as well from a beach house as from a home in the burbs. “cbin99仲博平台每年都有很多忠实粉丝, 他们中的很多人认为, ‘Oh, 我希望我能在那里有个房子,“Sproul说. “This really got a lot of people off the sidelines and pushed them over the edge to where they said, cbin99仲博平台真的应该这么做.’”

The 外的银行’ labor shortage is compounded by the inability of foreign college students to travel to the U.S. 由于大流行限制.

Meanwhile, some local homeowners hit rough financial seas and decided to sell. It hasn’t been enough, however, to keep inventory of homes for sale from reaching historic lows. The Realtors group says inventory in March dwindled by 72% compared to a year earlier.

A downside of the hot market is that housing for people who work in area restaurants, 商店和娱乐场所消失了. 许多人现在从内陆社区通勤,无法负担住得更近的房子. Online rental marketplaces such as Airbnb and VRBO make it easier for homeowners to rent to vacationers rather than the local workforce, Sproul说. He’s working with various groups to brainstorm ways of encouraging property owners to offer affordable housing for year-round residents.

在海盗主题的海盗旗餐厅, 成立于1972年, general manager Andrea Sullivan says the shrunken pool of workers has forced 海盗旗 to 关闭 early on Sundays and open later on Mondays. She says much of the worker shortage stems from jobless benefits that have outlasted coronavirus restrictions, prompting some would-be employees to rely on unemployment checks rather than return to work. 但房地产可能会成为交易的绊脚石. “我有几个人想来这里工作,只是为了夏天, 他们必须确保住房,”她说. “但他们一直未能做到这一点.”

敢县’s housing scarcity predates the pandemic but has become more pronounced. “I do feel that sometimes [property owners] are looking at the almighty dollar and that it’s more important for the tourists to have a place to go rather than the locals to have a place to live,沙利文说:. “如果你想让它成为一个成功的旅游社区, 你必须确保有当地人在这里工作.”


2020年3月,大流行开始导致经济停滞, 戴尔县官员禁止任何人进入,除了永久居民, 业主及雇员. 警长的副手们在美国境内设立了检查站.S. 64和U.S. 158, the two main highways leading into the county, that lasted about two months. 旅馆就像荒芜的海滩一样空无一人. 但在5月16日, 敢县 swung the gates wide open and let the river of cabin-fevered beachgoers flow.

“那座桥一开放, 所有人都蜂拥而来,William McCloud说道, 约翰扬西海滨酒店的前台. “Everybody was just trying to get out of the house, and we’ve been slam-packed.“这个星期五晚上,旅馆都订满了. 他说,自3月份以来,该公司的产能已接近饱和.

The nearby 外的银行 Motor Lodge harkens back to mid-century roadside America where guests drive right up to their room doors. 即使周围都是多层海滨别墅和高层酒店, 38个单位的汽车旅馆, 1959年开业, 是那些入住了几十年的游客的最爱.

一些客人去年来这里庆祝他们结婚50周年, 他们在这里度蜜月,总经理Linda Sabadic说. “cbin99仲博平台最终完成了完整的一季, with a lot of our regulars coming back because they knew us and knew what they were getting, 我认为cbin99仲博平台将再次迎来一个非常好的年份.”

斯普劳尔市长说占用税, 向住在旅馆和出租房的客人征收, 在2020年4月几乎为零. That cut deep, he says, since the 外的银行 traditionally draws crowds for Easter and spring break. 但杀魔山从赤字中恢复过来了. “到年底,cbin99仲博平台弥补了损失,cbin99仲博平台领先了.”

杀死恶魔山 is known for its 沿海海鲜 offerings and as the birthplace of aviation. 鸭子甜甜圈在美国有几十家分店.S.该公司于2007年成立于外班克斯.


The devilishly lyrical name of this town includes the word “hills” for good reason. 在地势平坦的陆地和海洋中, 高耸的沙丘沿着阿尔伯马尔海湾翻腾, 给地平线带来了三维的质感. 被高耸的沙丘和不知疲倦的风所吸引, 来自代顿的两兄弟, 俄亥俄州, 来到海岸来实现他们的疯狂梦想:在一个寒冷的季节, 1903年12月的早晨, 奥维尔和威尔伯·莱特发明了世界上第一种动力, 比空气重的飞行. 他们给了北卡罗莱纳州一个炫耀的理由, with the slogan “First in Flight” gracing license plates since the early 1980s.

This world-changing achievement is commemorated at the Wright Brothers National Memorial, 每年吸引了大约50万游客. Its centerpiece is a 60-foot-tall granite monument atop the 90-foot-tall Kill Devil Hill. 当莱特兄弟起飞的时候, 这片海岸是一个偏远且几乎没有道路的前哨站. cbin99仲博平台s and stores emerged in 1878 after the establishment of 杀死恶魔山 Lifesaving Station, 他们负责处理海岸附近的沉船事故. 这个社区于1953年成立. Bridges were built across the sounds, transforming far-flung beaches into vacation spots.

通过杀魔山的主要阻力是四车道的U.S. 158, flanked by beachwear shops, pancake houses, fast-food drive-thrus and parking lots. 但杀魔山的灵魂是沿着海滩公路,N.C. 12. 它是经典的家:杀死恶魔烧烤, 米勒牛排海鲜店, 海盗旗, 还有可怕的亚瑟牡蛎酒吧.

这个星期五晚上,可怕的亚瑟酒吧有一大群兴高采烈的人. 背后的酒吧, 约翰·梅森(John Mason)把一盘盘的虾放进去, 蟹腿, oysters and clams into the steamer as he also takes drink orders and chats with the patrons. It’s the prime out-to-eat-at-the-beach kind of place where the world’s problems get lost in the happy hubbub. “我很高兴我住在外滩银行,”梅森说. “我所做的一切就是捕鱼和生活,而每个人似乎都只是担心生活.”

Leave it to a bartender with an oyster shucking knife to serve up such a heavenly slice of life from 杀死恶魔山. ■


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